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Affordable, High Quality Sod for Sale in Calgary

The Alberta climate can have a significant impact on lawn areas. The extreme temperatures can cause bare patches to appear in lawns, limiting the aesthetic value of the property. The durability of the sod used within the lawn is critical to ensuring that lush green appeal over many years. It’s why homeowners are now purchasing sod for sale in Calgary through Scott’s Sod Sales & Installation, Inc.
Kentucky Bluegrass
The Kentucky Bluegrass

Sod Prices

Scott's Sod is grown locally in Alberta for Alberta climates, and is cut fresh daily! Our blend of 80% Kentucky Bluegrass & 20% Red Fescue is available for delivery Monday to Saturday, from approximately April 15th until Oct. 31st!

$0.43/sq ft
plus $125 delivery
700-1390 sq ft
$0.39/sq ft
plus $125 delivery
1400 - 3490 sq ft
$0.38/sq ft
plus $70 delivery
3500 - 5590 sq f
$0.37/sq ft
plus $70 delivery
5600 sq ft & up
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Pallet charge is 
refundable upon pallet return.

Here’s why we’re becoming the trusted local specialists for high quality sod:

Our Alberta Blend Sod

The Alberta Blend sod sold through Scott’s Sod Sales & Installation Inc. is cultivated for two years before being harvested. This process ensures the sod is thick, dense and highly durable from the moment it’s installed. It’s the level of durability required to maintain peak lawn health over many years.

Sod Cut Fresh Daily

Each homeowner receives fresh sod that has been cut that day. We offer a leading-class sod blend featuring 80% Kentucky Bluegrass and 20% Red Fescue that is available for delivery from Monday to Saturday April 15th to October 31st. Property owners always receive the freshest available product for their unique installation needs.

Scalable Pricing

Our Calgary sod for sale pricing structure reflects our commitment to helping property owner reduce their sod expenditure. We offer a pricing as low as $0.37/sq. ft. (plus delivery & GST) on our products, and we’ve created a scalable pricing structure to ensure property owners save money for large projects. We’ve helped homeowners across Calgary connect with their neighbours to reap significant savings on their sod purchase costs. Our goal is to ensure each client receives the highest quality sod at the lowest price available in the local market.
Our screened topsoil is $20 per yard, plus $95 delivery. **You'll need 1 yard per 200 sq ft of area for 2" of coverage**

We accept Visa, M/C, or E-transfers for sod orders over the phone.

We require a minimum 24 hours notice per order to process and deliver.
 OUR MINIMUM ORDER IS 500 SQ FT. Prices do not include GST.

Scott's Sod helpful hint: Hook up with a neighbour or two that also needs sod in order to get better pricing for larger quantities, and to split the delivery charge between more than one household!

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Scott’s Sod Sales & Installation Inc. is the market specialist for affordable, high quality sod products. To learn more on our sod for sale in Calgary.
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