The Scott’s Sod Sales & Installation Team Offers a Quick Guide to Successful Calgary Springtime Landscaping Design Work

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  • 23 May, 2016

With the springtime now arriving across Calgary, many homeowners are now planning their landscaping design work to ensure a fresh appeal to their lawns for the months to come. To ensure success in their landscaping projects, it’s imperative property owners work with trusted landscaping professionals. Our Calgary landscaping design tips are highlighted in this quick guide to successful spring landscaping.

Start Small

One of the most important pieces of guidance we can provide to do it yourself landscaping designers is to start small with a small patch of land. This will ensure that any problems with the grass or the lawn space can be identified before they become a large-scale issue that damages the entire area. Select an area of the lawn and then begin the design work focusing solely on that area.

Review Designs with a Specialist

Even if they plan on completing the design work themselves, homeowners should review their designs alongside a specialist before they begin the project. The specialist can then highlight potential challenges faced during the design work and can ensure that all project elements are streamlined.

Consider the Weather

When choosing sod for upcoming landscaping projects, make sure to consider the weather patterns for the coming weeks and months. Cooler, dryer weather can make it more difficult to plant the soil successfully. It’s better to begin the work during a week when many days of sunshine and warmer temperatures are expected.

By learning from the local experts in sod and lawns, homeowners can work towards a complete comprehensive landscaping design projects that transform their lawn spaces! To learn more , speak with the team at Scott’s Sod Sales & Installation Inc. directly at 403-890-2267.

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Scott's Sod, who provides the Calgary area with expert lawn care services, proudly announces their expanded service options for clients in Airdrie.

Calgary, AB - February, 2017 - Scott's Sod : Calgary landscapers who specialize in the installation and maintenance of sod, has announced that they are now offering expanded services to clients in the Airdrie area. Along with their expert sod services, clients have the option to include residential snow removal, and lawn maintenance.

Residential Snow Removal

Snow piles and rock salt when improperly handled, as well as the snow removal equipment, can cause damage to the lawn and surrounding structures. For example, the salt often used the Airdrie area to melt snow and ice from walkways and driveways can leach into the soil causing chemical burns on the lawn's vulnerable root systems. This causes the grass to die, leaving unsightly brown patches along the edges of the lawn.

Scott's Sod has years of experience professionally removing snow from residential areas. Emergency snow removal teams are trained in the proper removal techniques to minimize potential damages from equipment and snow pack. They are available 24 hours a day to better serve their customers in Airdrie.

Lawn Maintenance in Airdrie

Selling and installing high quality, freshly cut sod, is only one lawn services Scott's Sod offers their customers in Airdrie. They provide a full range of lawn care services, including:

  • Mowing
  • Edging
  • Fertilizing
  • Aerating
  • Resodding

The experts at Scott's Sod are dedicated to helping homeowners revitalize struggling lawns. As one of the lawn landscaping companies in Calgary, they can evaluate the health of a yard and recommend either maintenance to rejuvenate or replacing the existing turf.

To learn more about the expanded service options in Airdrie, or to request a free quote, please contact Scott's Sod directly.

About Scott's Sod

Since 2005, Scott's Sod has proudly provided the Airdrie and surrounding areas with expert lawn care and sod installation.


Scott's Sod Sales & Installation Inc.

404 Willow Brook Close NW

Airdrie, AB T4B 2S5 Canada

(403) 890-2267

For more information, please visit:

By Scott's Sod Sales & Installation 15 Feb, 2017

Calgary, Alberta – January 5, 2017 - Trusted Calgary landscapers, Scott’s Sod Sales & Installation Inc . have recently announced they’ve won the Consumer’s Choice Award in the category of Sod Supply and Services, for the Southern Alberta region. The company’s award is due to their excellence within the marketplace, and their unparalleled commitment to delivering quality sod products to clients throughout the Greater Calgary region.  

In determining how to select a local company for work in and around their home, property owners will often take note of the awards given to regional firms. Awards such as the Consumer’s Choice Award help highlight the ability of companies to meet the needs of their clientele. They highlight the experience of the organization within their sector, and the service provided to previous homeowners. Now, the team at Scott’s Sod Sales & Installation Inc. are highlighting the recognition they’ve received through the Consumer’s Choice Awards.  

As winners for the Consumer’s Choice Award in the category of Sod Supply and Services, Scott’s Sod Sales & Installation Inc. have been recognized for their understanding on homeowner requirements. The award was given to the Calgary landscapers after taking into consideration the company’s product and service quality, the professional appeal of their business, and the value of the services provided. It’s an award that is given to only one area firm, based on an independent survey of local business owners and consumers, which means that Scott’s Sod Sales & Installation, Inc. belongs to an exclusive group of businesses in Canada. Contact them directly for service information .

About Scott’s Sod Sales & Installation Inc.

The award-winning team at Scott’s Sod Sales & Installation Inc. is now ready to help guide property owners in achieving their landscaping goals in 2017! To book a consultation with the company, call their team now at 403-890-2267 or visit their business website at .

By Scott's Sod Sales & Installation 10 Feb, 2017

It’s the start of a new year and with the feeling of revitalization and new hope, many are considering ways in which to improve their properties for the months ahead. Here at Scott’s Sod Sales & Installation , Inc. our team continues to thrive in working with property owners to ensure their landscaping requirements are met with complete professionalism. It’s what makes us one of the top sod landscaping companies serving the Airdrie and Calgary markets. In this latest post, we’ll highlight why you should choose our team for your 2017 lawn landscaping requirements.

We Have Local Experience

With decades of experience working in the local region, we know how to get the most from your lawn. We understand the local climate, and how chinooks can impact the performance of sod. This means we can help you choose a sod product that is ideal for your Calgary home. We can visit your property and guide you based on our local experience working with property owners throughout Calgary and Airdrie. Our local experience also means we know the lawn maintenance challenges you face. We know that the winters can remove moisture from your lawn and cause cracking within the sod, and we can recommend products that offer the level of high performance durability you require year-round!

We Offer Low Pricing on Sod

A leading reason many Calgary homeowners consider us one of the top local landscaping companies is that we can help them reduce the cost of their sod products. This means that they can save hundreds of dollars when buying the latest sod material from our team. We work with sod distributors from across Canada to find the finest quality products built for the Calgary climate. And so homeowners can rest assured they can both save money on their purchase and on any future maintenance when they choose our sod for their home.  

Add-On Services

Beyond our exceptional sod products and the landscaping services we provide throughout the Airdrie and Greater Calgary area, we’re also known for our add-on services. For example, you can access responsive snow removal services through our team in Airdrie. We operate equipment throughout the region and have a large team of snow removal professionals on hand to respond on short notice. It’s how we’ve become a trusted partner for removal work throughout Airdrie.

To discover more on our expertise as one of the top landscaping companies in Calgary, contact our team now at403-890-2267. Qualified professionals are on-hand to share their landscaping guidance.

By Scott's Sod Sales & Installation 08 Feb, 2017

There is something breathtaking about a lush green lawn, but the frigidness of Calgary winters can take their toll on homeowner's grass. Protect your lawn , and your view, with these winter maintenance tips from Calgary landscaping company Scott’s Sod .


One of the best ways to ensure a lush lawn in the spring is to make sure you apply the right type of fertilizer at the right times of the year. While it is common for homeowners to apply fertilizer in the spring, many overlook their lawn's needs throughout the winter. Applying fertilizer before the deep freeze allows the nutrients to slowly seep into the soil and keep your grass well fed, leading to thicker lawns.

Cut Lawns Shorter as Temperatures Fall

Longer grasses allow pests to burrow and nest under the snow, creating tunnels and potentially killing the grass around their winter den. Help prevent pests by cutting the grass shorter as the weather becomes colder. Doing so also helps protect new grass growth and provides it with greater access to sunlight and water.

Remove Debris Promptly

Shoveling or plowing snow can cause deposits of debris, such as gravel, dirt, or leaf matter. When left alone on your lawn, these items can starve the underlying grass and smother new growth. As your snow melts, or as soon as you see unwanted debris, make sure you rake the area clear or otherwise remove the debris.

Avoid Walking Across Frozen Lawns

Many landscaping companies in Calgary will tell you that walking across frozen or frost coated grass can kill the plants by destroying their cell structures. Prevent this by making sure there is a clear, well defined path, and request quests avoid walking across your yard.

Treat the Weeds

Winter is a great time to treat any weeds in your yard. The colder weather causes your grass to enter a dormant stage, which is why it turns yellow or brown in the winter. Weeds, on the other hand, tend to remain prominent, allowing for easier treatment or removal.

Ideally, homeowners can tend their lawns before winter sets in, however, all hope is not lost for those who let time get away from them. As Calgary landscapers who specialize in lawn care and sod installation , Scott's Sod can evaluate your yard and recommend the best options to ensure a lush green lawn this spring. Contact Scott's Sod for a free quote today!

By Scott's Sod Sales & Installation 05 Feb, 2017

You’re likely considering ways in which to improve your home in the coming months. Why not start the process by consulting with a 2017 Consumer’s Choice Winner in the area of Sod Supply and Services? Scott’s Sod Sales & Installation Inc. , won the award for their services in the Southern Alberta region and continue to be recognized as one of the top Calgary landscapers for our commitment to quality workmanship and unparalleled service options.

A Unique Industry Distinction

The winning of the 2017 Consumer’s Choice Award separates Scott’s Sod Sales & Installation Inc. from other Calgary landscapers   within the industry. The award was given to the company based on the judges’ analysis of the following measures:

  • The quality of our services
  • The value of our products
  • The appearance and professionalism of our team
  • The overall service provided

The award was decided based on the input of both consumers and other businesses in the area. And this highlights our reputation both among the homeowners we serve and our fellow business owners throughout the Airdrie and Greater Calgary communities.

Let’s Start 2017 with Focus on Quality Lawn Care

Our award-winning team is now ready to help you allocate your lawn maintenance resources more effectively in 2017 and begin a lawn care regimen. We’re offering quality sod installation to homeowners throughout Greater Calgary and can also provide the benefit of our years of experience. Our installation team can visit your property and review your sod options. We complete the vast majority of our installation work in the spring, summer and fall months, but we’re also able to visit your property this wintertime to review any lawn maintenance challenges and analyze the potential for new sod integration in the coming weeks.  

Our Team is Available on Short Notice!

One of the great benefits of working with a local specialist such as Scott’s Sod Sales & Installation Inc. is that our team is available on short notice to respond to all homeowner requirements. We have a team of professional landscapers at our disposal ready to work with homeowners in Airdrie and the local Calgary marketplace while responding to any landscaping challenges they face.  

Our award-winning team is now ready to help you get started on all 2017 lawn care needs today. To learn more or to book a consultation, contact us today !

By Scott's Sod Sales & Installation 03 Feb, 2017

Winters in Calgary are harsh and can wreak havoc on area landscapes, leading to dead, patchy, and discolored lawns. However, spending a few moments throughout the winter can greatly reduce the potential damages. Here's how.

Rock Salt and Snow Melt

Keeping your walkways clear of ice is important for the safety of your loved ones and guests, however, the salt used to melt ice and snow can settle on the edges of your lawn. Salt buildup can burn your grass and stop it from growing in the spring. To prevent this problem, avoid putting salt directly on your lawn. Other options include:

  • Raking up the excess salt
  • Flooding the area regularly as the weather warms

Debris Buildup

As you shovel or plow snow throughout the winter , road matter and other debris mingles with the snow. When the snow melts, this debris settles on your yard, which can smother new growth and kill your grass. While snow piles and debris are unavoidable in Calgary, stay on top of the problem by removing debris as the snow melts. The best way to do this is by raking the area throughout the winter, or soon after the last snow of the season.

Plows and Shoveling

Unfortunately plowing and shoveling your snow can damage your yard, particularly when the edge between your driveway and grass is not well defined. Ideally, you can mark the edge before the first snow to help prevent turf damage. However, if this is not possible, pay close attention and replace any disturbed sod. Extensive damages may require intervention from landscaping companies in Calgary that specialize in sod, such as Scott's Sod in Airdrie.

Frost and Ice

Frost and ice look so beautiful reflecting the morning sun; however, if something walks across a frosted lawn, they can damage the grass by destroying the cell structures. To prevent a path of browned foot prints come spring, avoid walking across the frozen grass and request your guests do the same. If you already have a path carved out of your ice coated lawn, you may need to install new sod .

For more information about preventing winter related damages to your Calgary area lawn, please contact the experts at Scott's Sod. As one of the quickest growing landscaping companies in Calgary, Scott's Sod specializes in the installation and maintenance of high quality sod.

By Scott's Sod Sales & Installation 15 Jan, 2017

December 20, 2016 - Calgary, AB - Residents of the Calgary and Airdire areas do not have to wait well into the spring -or even the summer- to receive great sod work.  Scott's Sod Sales & Installation  is now accepting early reservations for spring sod services, and can even provide  residential snow removal  for the winter months.

When  landscaping companies in Calgary  need the best in professional sod purchasing and installation, they turn to Scott's Sod Sales & Installation. More than a decade of experience has made Scott's Sod Sales & Installation the go-to source for Calgary Landscapers, but they are not solely available for corporate sub-contracting. Scott's Sod also works directly with  homeowners  throughout the area.  

However, when the spring thaw hits, the busy season starts. Scott's Sod Sales & Installation frequently sees their schedule fill up.  So, Scott's Sod is available right now for consultation on spring projects, with early reservations going to those who plan ahead.

Homeowners in the Calgary area who know they will need sod installation or repair in the spring are strongly urged to call as soon as possible, to ensure they are near the top of the list. This is the only way to guarantee they can receive the top-quality services of Scott's Sod Sales & Installation early in the spring.

Those interested should contact (403) 890-2267 to schedule an appointment.

About Scott's Sod Sales & Installation

Since 2005, Scott's Sod Sales & Installation has been providing high-quality sod services throughout Calgary at reasonable prices.  Landscaping companies in Calgary regularly call upon Scott's Sod to handle the grass work, as well as consulting on difficult jobs.  As a result, work done by Scott's Sod has been showcased on homes and businesses throughout the area. This has also led to Scott's Sod establishing a stellar reputation along with earning a perfect A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

For more information or free consultations, please visit or contact 403.890.2267.
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The true foundation of a great lawn is the grass growing beneath your feet.  

A professionally-installed lush green lawn makes every other aspect of your Calgary landscaping look better. That's why residents looking landscaping companies in Calgary call on us,  Scott's Sod Sales & Installation , for expert assistance with laying sod. We're available to work directly with homeowners who want top-quality sod and services at reasonable prices.

Why Choose Scott's Sod Sales & Installation to Improve Your Lawn?

Years of Service

Over a decade laying sod throughout the Calgary area has made us one of the most experienced options in the region. Our experts are regularly called upon to consult with other companies to create  perfect Calgary landscaping  that attracts plenty of attention!

Low Prices

We buy our sod in bulk at contractor rates, and pass the savings onto you. We can bring you the best grass options on the market for far less than you'd pay at a home improvement or gardening shop, backed by expert installation.

Locally-Grown Grass

All the sod we use is grown right here in Alberta, guaranteeing it's properly prepared for the local climate - including our often-harsh winters.  We use a blend that's primarily Kentucky Bluegrass, which is specifically known for being hardy and able to bounce back from even extreme weather conditions. It's the perfect sod for Calgary lawns.

Numerous Awards and Recognitions

We're proud to have a consistent A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and are known throughout the area for our  excellent business practices . We've also won the Gold Certificate three years running in the Airdrie City View Readers Choice Awards! We're a business you can trust to do the job right, on time, and within budget.

Risk-Free Quotes Available

Not sure if you need lawn maintenance yet? Want to discuss prices and other options to keep your lawn looking great at minimal expense? We offer free quotes and consultations specifically to help you make the best possible choice for your home. No commitment needed!

Book Now and Avoid the Spring Rush

Do you know you'll need the services of Calgary landscapers in the spring? Book an appointment early, and ensure you're one of the first homes we service! Spring is our busiest season, so our schedule fills up quickly once the ground starts thawing in March - particularly once the larger home contractors and landscaping companies in Calgary start to request our services.

Please contact Scott's Sod Sales & Installation today to plan for sod installation, and be among the first in line!
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